Millets -Future of Food and Farming

This book is a Tamil book and translation from a English version. Kudumbam is part of MINI (Millet Network of India) and this book is part of the advocacy effort in the current background of an unprecedented drought and looming climate crisis in India on the need for paradigm shift and relocate the solutions outside the box of high resource input and irrigated farming systems and encouraging millet based biodiverse rainfed farming system. The water requirement millets with water hungry crops like Paddy, Sugarcane and Banana and the nutritional parameters of millets with other crops are analyzed in detail. The book also explains how millets are performing well in low fertility soils and its capacity to withstand pest and disease attack and its climate resilient capacity when millets are cultivated in mixed cropping methods and its potential to give multiple securities.


Title: Millets -Future of Food and Farming
Tags: Millet
Date: 19-Dec-2009
Publisher: KUDUMBAM & DDS
Category Type: Books
Appears in Sub-Collections:Biodiversity Based Ecological Agriculture


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