Human Rights and Toxic Chemicals in the Occupied West Bank (Palestine)

This is the first of a two-part report on the the key findings and conclusions of a joint fact-finding mission by PANAP and APN in May 2016 in the Occupied West Bank on the human rights implications of the Israeli illegal production, trade and dumping of pesticides. This report highlights the five human rights abuses perpetrated against Palestinians resulting from Israeli illegal pesticide activities and the culpability of the Israeli state and agrochemical corporations. To access the second part of this report, please go to


Title: Human Rights and Toxic Chemicals in the Occupied West Bank (Palestine)
Authors: Heather Aidy
Tanya Lee
Meriel Watts
Tags: illegal pesticide trade
illegal pesticides
Human Rights Violations
Date: 14-Feb-2017
Publisher: PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP) and Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN)
Category Type: Reports
Appears in Sub-Collections:Environmental Pollution


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