Glyphosate Monograph

Commonly known by its original trade name Roundup, Glyphosate meets the ‘highly hazardous pesticide’ criteria as defined by PAN (PAN International 2016b) and by FAO/WHO Joint Meeting on Pesticide Management. In this monograph, learn extensive information about Glyphosate, its chemical profile, environmental and health effects, and alternatives.


Title: Glyphosate Monograph
Authors: Meriel Watts
Peter Clausing
Angeliki Lyssimachou
Gesine Schutte
Rina Guadagnini
Emily Marquez
Tags: glyphosate
highly hazardous pesticides
Date: 11-Oct-2016
Publisher: PAN International
Category Type: Books
Appears in Sub-Collections:Highly Hazardous Pesticides

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