Save Our Rice

The Save Our Rice Campaign was launched in 2003 by PANAP with its network partners in Asia in recognition of the critical role of rice, the world's most important and political crop being the staple food of half its population. The foundation of the Campaign is the "Five Pillars of Rice Wisdom": (1) Rice Culture, (2) Community Wisdom, (3) Biodiversity-based Ecological Agriculture, (4) Safe Food and (5) Food Sovereignty. The Campaign is dedicated to saving traditional local rice, small rice farmers, rice lands and the rice heritage of Asia through defending and advancing the cultural and food sovereignty of the grassroots and opposing the powerful threats to rice.


Title: Save Our Rice
Authors: PANAP
Tags: rice
rice farming
genetic engineering
genetically modified
genetic modified organism
genetically engineered rice
Save our Rice
Date: 22-Oct-2009
Publisher: PANAP
Category Type: Videos and Audios
Duration: 6:10 mins
Producer: PANAP
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