PAN AP: 18 Years of Empowering People for Change (Part 2)

Pesticide Action Network (PAN) is a global network working to eliminate the human and environmental harm caused by pesticides and to promote biodiversity based ecological agriculture. PAN Asia and the Pacific (PAN AP) is committed to the empowerment of people especially women, agricultural workers, peasants and indigenous farmers. We are dedicated to protect the safety and health of people, and the environment from pesticide use and genetic engineering. We believe in a people-centered, pro-women development through food sovereignty, ecological agriculture and sustainable lifestyles.


Title: PAN AP: 18 Years of Empowering People for Change (Part 2)
Authors: PAN AP
Date: 23-Oct-2009
Publisher: PAN AP
Category Type: Videos and Audios
Duration: 9:19 MINUTES
Production House: PAN AP
Producer: PAN AP
Appears in Sub-Collections:Environmental Pollution

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