The People vs. Agrochemical TNCs

The People vs. Agrochemical TNCs is a 25-minute video documentation of the Permanent People's Tribunal Session on Agrochemical Transnational Corporations held in Bangalore, India in December 2011. Survivors and witnesses of violations of agrochemical corporations narrate their stories of pesticide poisoning, child labour, environmental destruction, harassment and intimidation of those who go against the world's biggest agrochemical corporations. Watch and listen to the verdict and let us know what you think.


Title: The People vs. Agrochemical TNCs
Authors: PANAP
Tags: agrochemical
Date: 31-Aug-2012
Publisher: PANAP
Category Type: Videos and Audios
Duration: 25:32
Production House: PAN AP
Producer: PAN AP
Appears in Sub-Collections:Environmental Pollution

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