In Search of our Lost Rice Seeds

In Search of our Lost Rice Seeds : This documentary travels through the work of some of the traditional paddy seed savers in the three states of Kerala, Tamilnadu and Karnataka. Through their voices, and the voices of scientists, farmers and environmentalists, the film traces the destruction of the agro-biodiversity as well as knowledge systems, that has eventually led to the crisis faced by farmers in India. It ends with a warning, and also hope for the future. Suma Josson is a documentary filmmaker and writer. She lives in Mumbai, and of late has been focussing her lens on the plight as well as hope of farmers in India. Her latest films I want my Father back and Raghuvanshi â?? The seed man are two of them. Her documentary film Niyamgiri, You are still alive, on the ecological and human damage done by bauxite mining won a first prize in the Short Film, Environment category at the 2010 International Film Festival of India. Earlier her two feature films Janmadinam and Saree won much accolades


Title: In Search of our Lost Rice Seeds
Authors: Thanal
Tags: Save our Rice
Traditional Paddy
Indian Rice Culture
Lost Rice Seeds
Date: 8-May-2013
Publisher: Save Our Rice Campaign
Category Type: Videos and Audios
Producer: Suma Josson
Appears in Sub-Collections:Traditional Sustainable Farming Practices

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