The Reformed Committee On World Food Security

On October 17th 2009 in a meeting room at the headquarters of the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Rome, a burst of applause from member states and various others assembled participants (including a sizeable civil society contingent) signalled the conclusion of a process whose potential significance for the future of food and agricultural governance cannot be overstated. The objective of this process was to create a space- within the multilateral UN system – for global coordination and decision-making regarding food security and agriculture. This was achieved through reform of the United Nation’s Committee on World Food Security (CFS) – a body whose perceived irrelevance for the food security agenda up until then had led some commentators and member states to consider that it be disbanded, wound down, or the frequency of its meetings reduced. The global food price crisis of 2007/2008 – plunging another 150 million people into food insecurity and raising the number of globally malnourished to a staggering 1 billion – emphatically underscored the failings of the global food security institutional architecture. This created a sense of urgency which led to the creation of new coordination mechanisms such as the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Task Force on the Global Food Security Crisis (HLTF); proposals – particularly from G8 countries – for new entities such as a Global Partnership for Agriculture and Food Security (GPAFS); and, importantly, to the launch of a process to reform the pre-existing, yet under performing, Committee on World Food Security. Indeed, for those seeking transparent and centralised food security governance, providing meaningful participation opportunities for civil society and underpinned by the principle of one-country one-vote, it was vital that the responses to the food price crisis were focused on renewing the UN architecture, and not in creating new, opaque arrangements (such as the proposed Global Partnership).


Title: The Reformed Committee On World Food Security
Authors: International Planning Committee For Food Sovereignty(IPC)
Tags: food security
food insecurity
Date: 1-Dec-2010
Publisher: International Planning Committee For Food Sovereignty(IPC)
Category Type: Reports
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