A Case Of Land Grab In Sindh, Pakistan

In Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates Company Al Dahra Agriculture has forcedly grabbed 500 acres (202.34 hectares) of land in the village of Sayed Khadim Ali Shah, Mirpurkhas district. Such wide range international agro-industry investments in Pakistan are often reported. However, very little is known or researched about such reports, nor are there academic research studies or people-based campaigns or action researches which give the true impact of such investments on food production or communities where land grab is happening. The report also emphasizes the tribute paid by the Sindh Agriculture minister to the Sheikh “for reaching out to the poor, the needy and people in distress in various parts of the world.” However, the following report than expounds on the impact of land grabbing happening through the minister’s hand on his feudal land and the impacts of such an act on the most marginalized poor citizen of Pakistan: Hindu Kohli community in rural Sindh: as the study will detail later, the impacts of land grabbing in Mirpurkhas has indeed ‘reached out to the poor’ but the result has been loss of livelihood, indebtedness, hunger and poverty. In order to overcome these short-comings, Roots for Equity was able to collaborate with Pesticide Action Network in a coordinated research on land grabbing in various parts of Asia. The objective of the research is to understand the phenomenon of land grabbing carried out by a transnational corporation Al Dahra, UAE Pakistan and its resultant socio-economic impacts on communities where land grabbing occurred.


Title: A Case Of Land Grab In Sindh, Pakistan
Authors: Roots for Equity
Tags: agriculture
land grabbing
food security
land reforms
Date: 16-Oct-2012
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
URI: http://library.ipamglobal.org/jspui/handle/ipamlibrary/514
Weblink: http://www.panap.net/sites/default/files/casestudy-sindh-land-grabbing.pdf
Category Type: Reports
Appears in Sub-Collections:Land grabbing


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