Global Strategic Framework:FoodSecurity&Nutrition

At the 39th Session of CFS in 2012, the First Version of the Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition was endorsed. Today, close to 925 million people suffer from hunger and more than 200 million children under five years of age suffer from malnutrition. The food crisis of 2007–08, followed by the financial and economic crisis in 2009, continuing in 2012, drew stark attention to the daily challenges faced by millions of families around the world in their attempt to overcome hunger and poverty and seek stable livelihoods that support a just and dignified way of life. Despite the efforts of many, and the commitment of the international community in the Millennium Declaration to reduce by half the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by 2015, persistent hunger and malnutrition remains the norm for millions of human beings. This Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition (GSF) is a single, living document to be approved by the CFS Plenary. Its purpose is to improve coordination and guide synchronized action by a wide range of stakeholders. The GSF will be flexible so that it can be adjusted as priorities change. The main added value of the GSF is to provide an overarching framework and a single reference document with practical guidance on core recommendations for food security and nutrition strategies, policies and actions validated by the wide ownership, participation and consultation afforded by the CFS. The GSF is not a legally binding instrument. It offers guidelines and recommendations for catalysing coherent action at the global, regional and country levels by the full range of stakeholders, while emphasizing the primary responsibility of governments and the central role of country ownership of programmes to combat food insecurity and malnutrition.


Title: Global Strategic Framework:FoodSecurity&Nutrition
Authors: Committee On World Food Security
Tags: food security
food crisis
human rights
economic crisis
Date: 1-Sep-2012
Publisher: Committee On World Food Security
Category Type: Reports
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