Responsible Investment In Agriculture&Food Systems

Responsible investment in agriculture and food systems is essential for enhancing food security and nutrition and supporting the progressive realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security. Responsible investment is a significant contribution to enhancing sustainable livelihoods, in particular for smallholders, and members of marginalized and vulnerable groups, creating decent work for all agricultural and food workers eradicating poverty, fostering social and gender equality, eliminating the worst forms of child labour, promoting social participation and inclusiveness, increasing economic growth, and therefore achieving sustainable development. Agriculture and food systems encompass the entire range of activities involved in the production, processing, marketing, retail, consumption, and disposal of goods that originate from agriculture, including food and non-food products, livestock, pastoralism, fisheries including aquaculture, and forestry; and the inputs needed and the outputs generated at each of these steps. Food systems also involve a wide range of stakeholders, people and institutions, as well as the sociopolitical, economic, technological and natural environment in which these activities take place.


Title: Responsible Investment In Agriculture&Food Systems
Authors: Committee On World Food Security
Tags: agriculture
food security
food system
sustainable development
Date: 17-Oct-2014
Publisher: Committee On World Food Security
Category Type: Reports
Appears in Sub-Collections:Food security

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