WTO’S Renewed Attack On Food Sovereignty

The WTO talks are now at a crucial stage and particularly threaten Southern agriculture and food sovereignty. The WTO Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) reached at the end of the Uruguay Round has already gone far in opening up and destroying domestic agriculture sectors in its decade of implementation. The AoA being renegotiated during the current Doha Round, resumed in early 2007, aims to bring this destructive process even further forward. The Chair of the WTO’s agriculture negotiations, Ambassador Crawford Falconer of New Zealand, provided a paper in late April purportedly aimed at moving the agriculture talks forward. Its proposals however merely affirmed, once again, that the direction of the WTO’s AoA is towards the only kind of deal acceptable to the big Northern powers: one that benefits them at the expense of the already impoverished rural producers of the South.


Title: WTO’S Renewed Attack On Food Sovereignty
Authors: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Tags: food sovereignty
food system
food security
Date: 10-Jun-2007
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
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