Power Struggle:Sompeta Against Power Plant

Sompeta, a tranquil coastal town of North Srikakulam district of the Indian State Andhra Pradesh witnessed unprecedented violence on July 14, 2010, when Indian company Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited tried to acquire fertile multi-cropping agricultural land with the help of local authorities and armed police force for construction of a Merchant Power Plant in that area. The spontaneous and non-violent resistance of local people met with planned violent attacks of the police-goon combined, leading to death of two peasants and leaving hundreds of men and women villagers wounded, among which 15 persons suffered severe bullet injuries. One victim has succumbed to his injuries only a few weeks back. The Sompeta incident stunned the people in India as neither the rationale behind acquiring fertile common land for the power plant nor the brutality of police force to repress peoples’ movement could be justified by the State authority by any means.


Title: Power Struggle:Sompeta Against Power Plant
Authors: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Tags: peoples movement
agricultural land
agrarian reform
power plant
Date: 23-Oct-2010
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
URI: http://library.ipamglobal.org/jspui/handle/ipamlibrary/499
Weblink: http://www.panap.net/sites/default/files/attachments/SO9_sompeta.pdf
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