Government Overrides Rights Of Peasants:WestBengal

In the spree for industrialisation and to woo foreign investments to the State, the Chief Minister of West Bengal (India), Shri Buddhadeb Bhattacharya signed several agreements with multinational companies (MNCs) and various national corporate giants last year, soon after retaining his office for a consecutive second term, which in fact is 7th consecutive term of Left rule in the State. The Chief Minister, citing China as a role model for development has announced that West Bengal would soon become a cheap labour magnet for international capital. He said “I am trying to work accepting the present reality.... we are practical, we know it is wise to be capitalist at the moment when the whole world is wooing capitalism” (Prakash 2006). The mad rush for industrialisation in line with the neo-liberal policy of the central government has instigated serious conflicts all over the State on issues related to access and ownership of lands. The mass protests against land grabbing by the State have been brutally repressed by the government and the battles over lands in West Bengal have claimed more than 10 lives so far.


Title: Government Overrides Rights Of Peasants:WestBengal
Authors: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Tags: peasants
land grabbing
food security
Date: 29-Jan-2007
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Category Type: Reports
Appears in Sub-Collections:Land grabbing


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