Rampaging The Rainforests In Sarawak

The Dayaks, indigenous peoples of Sarawak, have occupied and cultivated thousands of hectares of land for generations. Today, large oil palm plantation companies backed by the state agencies and in collusion with the local elite are threatening their very existence. The largest state in the Federation of Malaysia, Sarawak has witnessed a highly rapid and aggressive expansion exercise to establish large-scale commercial cultivation of oil palm over the last decade and a half—albeit mostly on indigenous land sequestered through questionable means. This has led to growing conflicts between indigenous peoples and state-owned and private corporations in Sarawak. From 18th to 24th April 2008, an International Fact- Finding Mission (IFFM) investigated instances of Native Customary Rights (NCR) violations that have grown to exceed a startling 170 claims. It also looked into increased cases of violence against and harassment of indigenous community leaders. With the imminent global crisis on food, the replacement of staple food production with environmentally destructive mono-cropping is a phenomenon that the local, national, and international communities must address; and the struggle for indigenous people’s right to life be fought in earnest.


Title: Rampaging The Rainforests In Sarawak
Authors: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Tags: indigenous peoples
human rights
Date: 30-Jan-2009
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
URI: http://library.ipamglobal.org/jspui/handle/ipamlibrary/487
Weblink: http://www.panap.net/sites/default/files/SO8_rampaging.pdf
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