Weathering the Climate Crisis: The Way of Ecological Agriculture

Climate crisis has become the scourge of the past several decades, endangering life and livelihoods in the most devastating ways. And its most serious impacts are on food and agriculture, threatening the food security of the world, and felt by the majority of food producers - the small farmers, fishers, herders, the indigenous peoples and women. This handbook seeks to explain in a simple way what is climate change, and how it impacts our lives and our food and agriculture. It outlines the international discourse on climate change, and how it fails to address the genuine concerns of the majority people of the world, in particular the small food producers.


Title: Weathering the Climate Crisis: The Way of Ecological Agriculture
Authors: K Prabhakar Nair
Tags: food security
climate change
ecological agriculture
global warming
indigenous peoples
Date: 5-Dec-2010
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia and Pacific
Category Type: Books
Appears in Sub-Collections:Biodiversity


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