Modules On Food Sovereignty

For millions across the world, massive hunger and poverty continue unabated. Current data shows that in Asia alone, over 500 million people suffer chronic hunger, and it is women and children who are affected most. The call for People’s Food Sovereignty has received a resounding response from peasant movements’ the world over because it hits at the very heart of sustainable food production for communities and is a direct response to the threat that globalisation poses to food sovereignty. In support of the call, PAN AP together with social movements and support NGOs in Asia, is in the forefront of developing a concrete policy recommendation on food sovereignty. The publication of these modules is a small contribution towards the further development of literature on this important issue.


Title: Modules On Food Sovereignty
Authors: People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty
Pesticide Action Network Asia and the Pacific
Tags: food sovereignty
food security
food system
Date: 17-Apr-2006
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Category Type: Books
Appears in Sub-Collections:Food sovereignty

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