No Land,No Life-Brochure

Land is life. But for millions of small-scale farmers and food producers, including indigenous communities, especially in the poor countries, access to land and resources is undermined by the monopoly control of landlords and big corporations. The lack of genuine land reform and neoliberal restructuring of agriculture combine to perpetuate rural poverty and hunger. It is indeed ironic that among those who suffer severe hunger are those who directly produce food. Land and resource grabbing intensifies the oppression and exploitation of these small food producers. Foreign companies, mainly from the rich countries, buying or leasing agricultural land in the poor countries for industrial food and biofuels production, characterize recent cases of land and resource grabbing. Local elites in business and politics play a central role in facilitating these deals. Rural women are among the most affected. Increased poverty and hunger as a consequence of land and resource grabbing, for instance, impact more heavily on rural women as they play a key role in managing the household budget, on top of their role as direct contributor to the family income.


Title: No Land,No Life-Brochure
Authors: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Tags: agriculture
land grabbing
small scale farmers
rural women
asia pacific
human rights
Date: 24-Apr-2015
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Category Type: Infographics
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