Strengthening The Women's Movement

“Booklet 3: Strengthening the Women’s Movement” is the third and last of our booklet series. This particular booklet is a documentation of the struggles, successes and strategies of four women’s organisations and movements in three Asian countries, India, Sri Lanka and the Philippines. The cases illustrate the serious impact of the intensification of corporate aggression and neoliberal policies in Asia. The Philippines’ land use conversions transforming agricultural lands to large-scale business plantations, industrial zones, and other tourist spots had displaced rural communities and rural women. India’s privatisation from state to big corporations and foreign investors of communal properties such as ponds, cremation grounds and forests eroded the food security of the Dalit communities, especially of women. In Sri Lanka, sources of livelihood of fishing and farming communities were lost and their food security threatened due to foreign investments, development projects, and adoption of unsustainable, and chemical-based agricultural production. To confront and address the impact of the globalisation and corporatisation process, Asian rural women’s groups have been empowering others to take action. These organised groups have been building strong movements of resistance against neoliberal forces and corporate aggression as well as for assertion of women’s rights to equality, liberation and equitable resources. They have utilised a variety of innovative and continuous strategies including using legal means, influencing parliamentarians and using the political arena, media campaigns and documentation and exposing the violations of women’s rights as well as developing alternatives from a feminist perspective. They have also achieved significant milestones in lobbying and campaigns at the local and international fora. This last of the booklet series becomes a celebration of courage and commitment of women’s groups and movements in asserting and fighting against all forms of exploitation and oppression. It is our hope that these stories of struggle, collective action and solidarity will further contribute to the strengthening of women’s participation and leadership and inspire all women everywhere in their own struggles.


Title: Strengthening The Women's Movement
Authors: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Tags: rural women
food security
Date: 11-Jul-2012
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Category Type: Books
Appears in Sub-Collections:Women in Agriculture

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