Ruined Lives, Ravaged Livelihoods: Impact of Agrochemical TNCs on Rural Women

Agriculture is becoming “feminised” as men move to more lucrative jobs and leave the sector as well as more women shift to work in the production of export oriented crops and activities. The push for agricultural production focused on export crops has been facilitated by the growing expansion of agribusiness and their pursuit for profits. And the agrochemical transnational corporations (TNCs) have benefitted through monopoly control of agricultural inputs (from seeds to pesticides). The impact has been to intensify rural women’s exploitation and discrimination - from an active player to a low-paid agricultural or migrant worker. As a waged worker, women may receive small increments in wages but overall there continues to be differentiation in labour leading to gender discrimination and inequality. Overall rural women have been finding it more and more difficult to survive, even though they work longer hours with increased workloads and exposed to hazardous pesticides. The book also contains 2 case studies that document how TNCs operate on the ground and the extent of exploitation in the communities.


Title: Ruined Lives, Ravaged Livelihoods: Impact of Agrochemical TNCs on Rural Women
Authors: Prabakhar Nair
Tags: agrochemical
sustainable agriculture
crop yields
Date: 1-Dec-2009
Publisher: Pesticide Action Network Asia Pacific
Category Type: Books
Appears in Sub-Collections:Women in Agriculture


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