Why Genetically Modified Crops Pose A Threat?

Contrary to what companies promised, official statistics from the United States the leading producer of genetically modified (GM) crops in the world demonstrate that the truth of GM crops is that they produce less per hectare than the seeds that were already available on the market, but have resulted in an exponential increase in the use of agritoxins (Benbrook, 2012; Gurian Sherman, 2009). They have also had serious negative impacts on both public health and the environment in every country where they have been grown on a large scale. Genetically modified crops have been a key instrument to facilitate a greater corporate hold on the history of food and agriculture. Six transnational corporations control all the GM crops commercially grown in the world. The same six corporations are the greatest global manufacturers of agrochemicals, which explains why 85% of GM crops are manipulated to resist large doses of herbicides and pesticides, since this is the greatest profit area (ETC Group, 2013b).


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