More Angry At IRRI

Decades ago, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) claimed to utilize scientific research and development to fill the world's rice bowl and eradicate hunger and poverty. To date, not only has this not been accomplished, but the number of people living in hunger has risen. Rice farmers are becoming poorer and more indebted because of the spiraling costs of pesticides, fertilizers and commercial seeds, while at the same time, their rice fields are slowly turning sterile. Traditional rice varieties have almost disappeared from our diet, replaced by so called "modern" high-input and hybrid rice varieties that are infused with harmful chemicals. In this article published by PAN Asia Pacific (PANAP), discover how rice production and consumption in Asia today has become laden with problems thanks to IRRI.


Title: More Angry At IRRI
Authors: PAN Asia Pacific
Tags: farmers
genetic engineering
genetic rice
Date: 26-Aug-2009
Publisher: PAN Asia Pacific
Category Type: Articles
Appears in Sub-Collections:Biodiversity

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